Links to Carousel and Restoration Web Sites


National Carousel Association

News and Information

Carousel News and Trader Magazine: Carousel photographs, in-depth history, current events and more.

Merry Go Roundup: Official publication of the National Carousel Association. Published quarterly and free to NCA members.


Pullen Park, Raleigh: Pullen Park provides citizens with a variety of recreational opportunities. Its star attraction, however, is its carousel.

Glen Echo Park, Maryland: Glen Echo Park’s historic 1921 Dentzel Carousel completed its 90th season in September 2010.

National Carousel Association Census: Census of Operating North American Carousels.

History of the Carousel

Wikipedia: History and other information about carousels.

Essortment: Essortment is a general source of information. Here is their article on the history of the carousel.

C. W. Parker Carousel Museum: Charles Wallace Parker of Abilene, Kansas bought a used carousel in 1892. A few years later he began the C.W. Parker factory, and produced roughly 1,000 carousels. The museum is in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Herschell Factory Carousel Museum: The museum is located in the original Allan Herschell Company factory complex, North Tonawanda, NY.

New and Antique Carousels for Sale

Brass Ring Entertainment: Traditional American carousel builder.

Americanna Antiques: Individual animals and pieces for sale.

Band Organs

Wikipedia: An account of the history, buiding, and operation of fairground organ.

Carousel Music

Carousel music store: Music samples

Wurlitzer 165 sound files: From a catalog of Wurlitzer band organ rolls compiled by Gary Watkins.

Restorer Friends

I am proud to have worked with the following restorers on various projects over the years.

Dan Horenberger: Brass Ring Entertainment. Full service restoration, carousel.

Todd Goings: Carousels and Carvings. Full service restoration, new carousels, parts production.

Lise Liepman: Carousel painter.

Pam Hessey: Carousel painter.

Rick Borstelman: Professional artist and carousel painter.

Ed and Adriana Roth: A and E Sculpting. Carver extraordinaire and carousel painter.